Hunter Creek and Red Mountain Road

Aspen, CO

Hunter Creek and Red Mountain Road Waterline Replacement Project

  • Project required due to upgrade to the Aspen Wildfire System
  • Included replacement of 2,400 linear feet of waterline
  • RFE created a phasing and construction management plan to minimize disturbance or loss of service to the residents.

RFE was selected by the City of Aspen Water Department to design a replacement 8-inch ductile iron water main for an old 6-inch cast iron pipe to aid with fire prevention and safety over approximately 2,700 linear feet. The project challenges included major site constraints such as steep hillsides, dense vegetation, existing utilities in close proximity to the water main, narrow road corridors, keeping water services to residents and maintaining access to existing homes through construction. The water main also resided in multiple jurisdictions (Pitkin County and the Red Mountain HOA) that added to the project challenges. The HOA only allowed construction to occur between March and June, which required the project to be designed to allow construction to occur over a two-year period. Due to site constraints the new water main had to follow the existing water main’s alignment. This required the team to come up with a detailed sequencing plan not only for construction, but also for filling, testing and putting it back into service. A plan also had to be developed to provide residents with temporary water during construction. Both the sequencing and temporary water service plan provided a baseline for Contractors. The road and water main specifications were written in CDOT format containing both standard and project special provisions. Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Costs were developed with Site Improvement Services, LLC using the latest and best unit prices available during the 60 percent and 90 percent design stages to help the City develop a budget for the project. This project also included traffic control, coordination with utility providers, directional bore verse trenching analysis, site assessment, geotechnical analysis and potholing of existing utilities.

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